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May 11
watch with inkle band on a woman's wrist.

Woven Bracelet with Many Uses

Designed and woven by Annie MacHale

Woven on the Inkle Loom

Inkle weaving gives you the ability to make so many practical and beautiful items for everyday use. Of all the things I have woven on my Schacht inkle looms—I currently have 8—one of the most useful has been this little bracelet, which I also use as a watchband.

It all started when I came across some small 1/2″ side release buckles and thought that they would work nicely for a little woven bracelet. I wove bands using crochet cotton, which comes in so many wonderful and bright colors! The bracelets were so lightweight and comfortable to wear, I began making collections of them that I could mix and match in bunches. I then made the happy discovery that the 1/2″ band fitted my watch perfectly. Naturally, I made my own custom watch band, and it is truly the most comfortable watch band that I have ever owned.

My coworkers and friends saw them and loved them, too. They helped me imagine other uses for this little strap with a side release buckle. They can be used as bracelets or watch bands. You can also attach your keys or water bottle to a purse or backpack. They are versatile and useful for everyone!


  • inkle loom
  • belt shuttle
  • 18 string or Texsolv heddles
  • sharp fabric scissors
  • sewing thread and needle
  • 1/2″ or 3/8″ side release buckle (3/8″ is easier to find and will work as well) or closure of your choice


Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton, size 10

  • 18 yds Black for weft
  • 50 yds Black for warp
  • 19 yds Atom Red for warp
  • 15 yds Peacock for warp

I used a 78″ warp (the middle path on the Schacht inkle loom), which will yield 6 to 8 bracelets.

Download the PDF for complete project instructions

photos of several bracelets and a watch band.